If you were at the last event you will have heard from Nicole, if you were unable to attend, no fear, we have made a snapshot for you…

If you were at the last event you will have heard Nicole from Relocate Guru telling the room about her business and tasted some amazing cakes that she baked for us that night. Relocate Guru is an innovative business that helps you to feel at home when your moving home, a social media platform created to help you find all the information you need for your move and allow you to organise it, all in one place. To find out more please follow the link below and share with your colleagues and friends, you would never know when you might need your Guru. http://ow.ly/nweo309n1xQ http://ow.ly/i/scRKZ http://ow.ly/i/scRSl


Aberdeen SOUP Stories

After a very successful Aberdeen SOUP 2, where £435 was raised for the ‘Cook in the Nook’ project run by the Community Food Initiative North East (CFINE) and we were delighted to welcome Phionna from Me Too Magazine (our November winner) to tell us about what she has been up to. Her use of the Aberdeen Soup winnings was to purchase marketing materials for Me Too.  She became aware that, when she or volunteers were out and about fundraising that they had no regognisable branding to raise awareneess of the charity.  She used the funds to help  Me Too become more recognisable in the community and help to raise the profile of the charity.

We are always inspired by the applications that we receive, some who make it to the stage and others who don’t. We believe in all the projects and think they are all doing amazing work and would like to highlight what’s going on behind the scenes in Aberdeen and shout about all the good stuff that is happening. Over the next few weeks we will be telling you about a few of the applicants to the projects in short stories. We have had some amazing applications to the project and the buzz they are creating around the city is phenomenal.






Aberdeen Soup #2 

After a great first Aberdeen SOUP, we have had a little break, but now the team are back in action and looking forward to hosting the second Aberdeen Soup on behalf of the Aberdeen Community. The next event will take place on the 5th Feb from 6pm in FoodStory Cafe on Thistle Street. 

Out first event almost had us in tears from laughter and heartfelt stories and who can forget learning about geology by squishing marshmallows and we all got that most amazing feeling opening our minds and breathing. 

Appllications have just been submitted and we promise you, the event on the 5th February will be just as fun! If you for any reason cannot make it on the night and woul like to donate please get in touch with the team aberdeensoup@gmail.com 

Any questions gt in touch and to book your ticket please visit the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/aberdeensoup 

Only one day to go…

Only 1 day to go before Aberdeen Soup launches and with all the places registered, we are excited as a team to be facilitating this event. This project is that real proof that the community are wanting to be involved in their own decision making by coming along and donating back into local projects are taking that ownership and supporting local ideas. 

Let’s all make it an amazing experience by promoting, experiencing, talking, sharing, even if you don’t get to come along this time, there are stories to tell and we will endeavour to get them heard. 

SOUP Stories…Detroit Food Academy

‘Soup really lets you speak to the spirit of your project’ Jen Rusciano

This week alongside building the project, we have been taking some time out to listen and get inspired by the Detroit SOUP stories through the Detroit Soup Podcasts.  This week is wholly inspired our wonderful sponsors and hosts of AberdeenSOUP, our very own Food Story Cafe  so our listening was focused on the winners in June 2012 – Detroit Food Academy. Detroit Food Academy is a non-profit that works with local educators, chefs, and business owners to inspire young Detroiters (ages 13-24) through self-directed entrepreneurial experiences rooted in food— experiences which open doors, create connections, and spark confidence.Food education and reducing food waste is such an important element in our society and in Aberdeen and we want to raise the roof about this amazing project.

Group PicPicture from the Detroit Food Academy gallery.

Here is a snippet from Jen Rusciano, Co- founder and Executive Director of the Detroit Food Academy talking about WHY they applied to present at Detroit Soup.

Soup really lets you speak to the spirit of your project and so often in grants we are and importantly so focused on metrics, measurable, data, bang for your buck, how much return on your dollar. Important keys things that fit the stage that a lot of grants are offered at; but so rarely do we get to speak to the spirit of the work and I think SOUP is a platform for inviting people to share their energy and their enthusiasm around a great idea and then see if other people share it the same way. Jen Rusciano – Detroit Food Academy.

To  hear more about the wonderful work that is being done, download and listen to the full podcast here

Reserve your place for AberdeenSOUP on the 20th November @foodstory cafe 6-9pm by registering here  or if you would like to be a presenter please click here

Want to get in touch and say hi –  send us an email anytime aberdeensoup@gmail.com




Want to pitch at the first ever Aberdeen Soup?

We are very excited about the upcoming SOUP in Aberdeen and want to give the opportunity to people to ‘give a pitch a go’. If you have an idea and want to become one of our first pitchers at the event…fill in the form here

It is not a long or complicated form, just a little bit about you and why you think your project is important to Aberdeen. And that is it, simple, the way we like it.

Come along and bring your friends to join the gang at Aberdeen SOUP on the 20th November.


It’s time for SOUP!

After a few months of planning, searching and twisting many arms, we have the right people to kick-start the first Aberdeen SOUP project. A SOUP project? what is that I hear you say! Based on the very successful and long running Detroit SOUP  Aberdeen SOUP is a community crowdfunding dinner to give some much needed micro-funds back into the community to fund ideas from anyone who wants to apply to pitch for some cash and being supported by two amazing local you people Chris Burnett from Surge Aberdeen and Lara Bishop from Foodstory

We are looking forward to hearing stories and pitches from a wide range of people who want to do amazing things in my adopted city of Aberdeen. I’m excited!!! I hope you are too.

Don’t forget -Sunday evening,  November 20th 6pm at Foodstory Cafe in Aberdeen, full event details to come soon.

Look forward to seeing you there.