Aberdeen Soup – The Story

Aberdeen soup

What can you do with £5?…You can change your city!

Aberdeen Soup is a live crowdfunding dinner held up to 4 times a year in Aberdeen city. It is a social revolution that provides a platform for local people to invest in local ideas. Each diner donates £5 as they enter, they listen to four local people pitch their solutions to local challenges and then diners vote on their favourite idea.  Over the evening there is food, music and community stories, where you can make connections and talk about all the positive projects that are happening locally.

The first ever Aberdeen SOUP was held on the 20th November 2016 in Food Story Cafe and one year on the project is creating real positive social impact throughout the city.

Originally set up in Detroit in 2012 the SOUP movement has become increasingly popular as a source of crowdfunding in communities throughout Scotland.