Novmber Soup – a Cyber Success

The winner of the NOvember SOup winning a total of £510 was Cybersafe Aberdeen. 

The project works with schools, young people and groups across Aberdeen to support parents and young people. They are at the moment entirely self funded. They work to protect children online and their work is mainly focused on teaching children how to protect themselves when using the internet.  Getting parents involved with their children’s online safety and teaching teachers to respond to the changing risks of online abuse and exploitation is a key part of the project. 

What are they doing currently?

They have a Cyber security Inspiration Day event planned for the 6th February 2019 at Robert Gordon University. It is an opportunity for students in the north east to learn more about cyber security and have an opportunity to work with experts at the university.

They are also launching a schools programme for P6 and P7 pupils in January 2019. The programme provides 8 lessons for each year group that can be run at any point through the school year.  

Links to their facebook twitter and website are below.


By Kelsey Brand and supported by Ellis Christie

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