Changing the way people fund projects in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen soupAberdeen Soup has been supporting community organisations and entrepreneurs to develop social projects in Aberdeen.  Last Sunday evening (26 November) was our 1st Anniversary and we were delighted to announce the 5th winner of  Aberdeen Soup was a project being developed by Katy Fraser called Little Bon Cook School. They received the most votes on the night and deservingly they went away with all the donations raised on the night.

We had lots of volunteers help out including friends, friends we made on the night and the pupils from Robert Gordon’s College in S4/S5. We did a 6 week programme with the pupils to discuss the project,  understand the challenges that Aberdeen face and get them volunteer ready for the event.

20170205_183630A quick round up of the projects that presented.

1. Winter Care, when people suffer from domestic abuse, they are often vulnerable and can find themselves in poverty. This project looks to support them through the winter months and make sure they are safe, warm and have basic provisions. The project is part of the bigger project time to heal that supports vulnerable survivors of domestic abuse to learn skills that they can use to gain confidence, interact better and gain employment. 

2. MISS run by Abi Clarke is a support service for women and their partners who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. With only phone and online services available currently, these group support sessions are the first in the UK. Group support has given the opportunity for women and their partners to talk openly about their experiences when they are ready, breaking the taboo of the subject and provides access to information that is relevant to them.


3. Climate Cafe Series, presented their idea that has started in the second half of this year. The cafe series is a place for people to come, listen, bounce ideas, learn, network and discuss issues relating to topics that affect our environment. The aim is to encourage people to live more sustainable lives, reduce carbon emissions and live in a better environment.

4. Little Bon Cook School is a start-up business from Kirsty Fraser who is keen to promote heathy eating and cooking to all ages. Little Bon aims to educate young people about food and nutrition and provide an experience where both parents and kids can participate in a fun and engaging activity together.  The experience will equip young people with key life skills by learning how to prepare and cook healthy food.

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