Soup #4 is coming

Soup #4 is coming soon! So we thought we would remind you of our Soup #3 applicants – and the winner. We heard from three projects at Aberdeen Soup #3, as well as enjoying some great food and live entertainment.

The project which went away with the money raised on the night was Community Grow and Cook.

The group wanted to set up a stall at community events in Aberdeen over the summer to demonstrate how to plant seeds and tubers and how to cook some of the fantastic vegetables and fruit that can be grown at home.

Community Grow and Cook hope to help people to grow their own food and feel more confident in preparing and cooking home grown produce. This will in turn improve diets and encourage people to buy and eat local produce, reducing the carbon footprint of our food. The funding was to be used to cover the cost of stalls at community events.

We also heard from Women like Me: Sewing lesson. Women like me aims to bring together the victims of domestic abuse to provide them the opportunity to share and at the same time to learn some skills which can be further developed into an economic empowerment tool.

The project aims to address the issue of isolation and rejection among the victims and survivors of domestic abuse, offering them an ability to open up, which they may not be able to do ordinarily with others. This will help improve their self-confidence and self-worth.

Funding would help buy sewing machines, beads, for jewellery making, and other tailoring materials for the group.

We also heard from Borderless, a platform through which students can search for social and professional opportunities. The motive behind this project is to create content capable of diminishing students’ unemployment rate and increasing workplace satisfaction. “Borderless proposes to do this by replacing the anonymous applicants with candidates tailored for the internship through networking events,” say the organisers. This allows students to have better chances towards testing an industry beforehand committing to their desired working sector. Borderless says it plans to break the barriers of traditional job sites, giving equal opportunities for students to achieve professional experience. “Borderless is about bridging the gap between you and your future employer!”

“We seek to help the Aberdonian community to keep talented graduates by showing students the growing potential that Aberdeen has.” Soup funding would have helped cover a part of the initial costs of buying a domain, paying for website design, and launching/preparing an advertising campaign. The group hoped to launch the platform in mid-August.

Would you like to pitch at Soup #4? Find the submission form here 

Sign up to attend Soup #4 here

Aberdeen SOUP is a crowdfunding initiative celebrating and supporting entrepreneurial, community and creative projects in Aberdeen. For a £5 donation, attendees receive food and a vote and hear up to four presentations from local people doing innovative work in and around Aberdeen. This could be art, urban agriculture, social justice, start-ups, social enterprise, entrepreneurs, education, technology and more. ALL the money raised is given to the presentation with the most votes at the end.

The next Aberdeen Soup, Soup #4, is on September 10, at Foodstory Café, Aberdeen.

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