Aberdeen SOUP Stories

After a very successful Aberdeen SOUP 2, where £435 was raised for the ‘Cook in the Nook’ project run by the Community Food Initiative North East (CFINE) and we were delighted to welcome Phionna from Me Too Magazine (our November winner) to tell us about what she has been up to. Her use of the Aberdeen Soup winnings was to purchase marketing materials for Me Too.  She became aware that, when she or volunteers were out and about fundraising that they had no regognisable branding to raise awareneess of the charity.  She used the funds to help  Me Too become more recognisable in the community and help to raise the profile of the charity.

We are always inspired by the applications that we receive, some who make it to the stage and others who don’t. We believe in all the projects and think they are all doing amazing work and would like to highlight what’s going on behind the scenes in Aberdeen and shout about all the good stuff that is happening. Over the next few weeks we will be telling you about a few of the applicants to the projects in short stories. We have had some amazing applications to the project and the buzz they are creating around the city is phenomenal.






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