SOUP Stories…Detroit Food Academy

‘Soup really lets you speak to the spirit of your project’ Jen Rusciano

This week alongside building the project, we have been taking some time out to listen and get inspired by the Detroit SOUP stories through the Detroit Soup Podcasts.  This week is wholly inspired our wonderful sponsors and hosts of AberdeenSOUP, our very own Food Story Cafe  so our listening was focused on the winners in June 2012 – Detroit Food Academy. Detroit Food Academy is a non-profit that works with local educators, chefs, and business owners to inspire young Detroiters (ages 13-24) through self-directed entrepreneurial experiences rooted in food— experiences which open doors, create connections, and spark confidence.Food education and reducing food waste is such an important element in our society and in Aberdeen and we want to raise the roof about this amazing project.

Group PicPicture from the Detroit Food Academy gallery.

Here is a snippet from Jen Rusciano, Co- founder and Executive Director of the Detroit Food Academy talking about WHY they applied to present at Detroit Soup.

Soup really lets you speak to the spirit of your project and so often in grants we are and importantly so focused on metrics, measurable, data, bang for your buck, how much return on your dollar. Important keys things that fit the stage that a lot of grants are offered at; but so rarely do we get to speak to the spirit of the work and I think SOUP is a platform for inviting people to share their energy and their enthusiasm around a great idea and then see if other people share it the same way. Jen Rusciano – Detroit Food Academy.

To  hear more about the wonderful work that is being done, download and listen to the full podcast here

Reserve your place for AberdeenSOUP on the 20th November @foodstory cafe 6-9pm by registering here  or if you would like to be a presenter please click here

Want to get in touch and say hi –  send us an email anytime




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